About Us

Newport Williams is a modern staffing agency that prides itself on using an old-school approach to recruitment. While HR and internal recruitment have their place within organizations, they often lack access to the “hidden candidate” market that we tap into. Our strength lies in our relentless pursuit of top talent, leaving no stone unturned in our searches.

Our Approach

At Newport Williams, we believe that the best candidates are often not actively looking for new opportunities. By constantly scouring the market, networking, and building genuine relationships, we uncover those exceptional candidates who are already excelling in their careers. Our method involves quiet, confidential conversations with these professionals, understanding their career aspirations, and matching them with the right opportunities.

Our Commitment

We are dedicated to delivering candidates who are already firing on all cylinders – the type of professionals who don’t need to apply for jobs because they are sought after in their fields. Our clients benefit from our deep market insights and our ability to present candidates who perfectly align with their needs and organizational culture.

Why Choose Us?

Our Mission

Our mission is to bridge the gap between exceptional talent and the organizations that need them. We strive to create meaningful and lasting connections that drive success for both our clients and candidates.

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Discover how Newport Williams can help you find the hidden talent that will elevate your organization. Contact us today to learn more about our unique approach to recruitment.

Our Team

Elevate your recruitment game with Newport Williams. Our expertise is in sourcing top-tier IT and legal opportunities, ensuring effective placement of extraordinary professionals. We prioritize a personalized approach tailored to your needs, ensuring a seamless fit between you and that perfect company. Choose Newport Williams for recruitment excellence and propel your career to the next level.

Mason Stubel

Mason has been a leader in the recruitment industry for over 15 years, building ERP and Legal teams across North America. As a business owner and hiring manager himself, Mason understands firsthand how amazing it feels to have an all-star team assembled. He loves bringing that same satisfaction to his clients. Outside of work, he loves his cats, playing the piano, and is on a never-ending quest to improve his golf game.


Peter Ngo

Senior Technical Recruiter
Peter's expertise lies in technology searches within the rapidly evolving domains of ERP, Finance, Business Intelligence, Blockchain, and AI. Peter’s drive is to unite outstanding talent with leading organizations. Peter possesses a discerning ability to spot talent and excels in securing placements for individuals embodying the top 2% in performance and retention, spanning from analysts to directors. Particularly notable is his deep expertise in recruiting across the entire Oracle ERP stack, highlighting his proficiency in matching top talent with specialized roles in this complex and critical area.


Donna Nicanor

Operations Manager
Donna is an experienced Operations Manager and Process Coach with a strong track record in optimizing efficiency and driving growth. Skilled in overseeing legal operations and spearheading development initiatives, Donna ensures seamless workflows and resource utilization. As a Process Coach, she empowers the team to implement best practices and achieve business objectives. With a passion for innovation, Donna leverages analytical skills to drive sustainable growth.


Jim Westhead

Senior Business Development Representative
Jim is an asset to the firm serving as both Legal Recruiter and Senior Business Development Representative. With a sharp eye for legal talent and a proactive approach to business growth, Jim excels in forging strong connections within the industry and nurturing lasting client relationships. Jim’s dedication to excellence and passion for success make him an indispensable member of the team, driving our continued growth and success.


Kanchan Chippagiri

Technical Recruiter
As an ex-ERP consultant and Project Manager, Kanchan believes in building & nurturing robust professional networks. Kanchan’s keen attention to detail & customer service mindset guarantees satisfaction for clients and candidates alike. With the ever-evolving world of ERPs, Kanchan is committed to seamlessly connecting top talent with our clients. Kanchan specializes in Oracle Cloud, JDE, Peoplesoft & SAP right from Junior consultants to top management. Outside work, Kanchan enjoys long walks with her family, art & decor projects & volunteering.


Rence Igar

Legal Recruiter
A proficient recruiter specializing in sourcing top-tier talent in the Legal sector, Rence excels at identifying legal professionals and ensuring successful placements. With a commitment to driving organizational success through transformative career moves, she brings invaluable recruitment experience. Additionally, Rence is a devoted fur mom who enjoys traveling and exploring new destinations in her free time.


Josh Groshak

Technical Recruiter
With over 10 years of operations and project management expertise, Josh brings a unique blend to projects. This is coupled with hands-on experience building and selling a startup. Josh is skilled in creating and optimizing systems/processes and executing large projects while staying true to objectives. Josh values teamwork, building relationships, and setting clear goals.


Nikko Barcellano

Business Development Manager
Nikko is a skilled Business Development Manager who has been working in sales and customer experience for nearly a decade, having ventured into a wide variety of industries, specifically within the IT and Legal space. Nikko also works as a headhunter for both areas, assisting candidates. Whether it involves well-planned outbound calling initiatives, precise lead generation activities, or expert relationship management, Nikko thrives on discovering innovative solutions to intricate challenges and delivering impactful results.


Renee Burford

Sr. Legal Recruiter
Renee is a natural-born recruiter, specializing in the dynamic and exciting legal sector. Driven by the desire to guide individuals though pivotal career advancements and supporting law firms and legal departments in assembling top-tier teams, Renee is dedicated to fostering expansion and achievement. When Renee is not working at her desk, she enjoys immersing herself in nature walks, making art, cooking for her friends and family, and all things related to pop culture.


Canice Payas

Legal Recruiter
As an experienced legal recruiter, Canice excels in identifying top-tier talent and ensuring successful matches. Additionally, her proficiency in B2B sales allows Canice to offer tailored recruitment solutions for clients and candidates. With a proven track record of building lasting partnerships, Canice consistently drives mutual growth and success in the legal sector. Outside work, you'll spot Canice out at sea, savoring her coffee while watching the horizon.

Pamela Calado

Legal Recruiter
Pamela is a dedicated professional in the Legal staffing industry. Pamela’s journey in talent acquisition began with a fervent desire to bridge the gap between career aspirations and tangible opportunities. Driven by a genuine desire to see others succeed, Pamela thrives on the satisfaction of guiding individuals towards their career goals while committed to ensuring mutual satisfaction for both candidates and clients. Pamela believes in walking alongside candidates every step of the way.

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